Pasta Moon

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Sourcing out fresh and seasonal ingredients is not only part of our job but also a passion here at Pasta Moon, where our local Farmers and Ranchers inspire us on a regular basis!

Following the cycles of nature has many benefits both physically and mentally; as does creating a community, where working together as partners benefits all involved. Pasta Moon is proud to be a part of the Coastal Community in such an active way!

It all started with my first trip down the coast, which brought me to HWY 92 dotted with local fruit & vegetable stands. My personal love for fresh ingredients grew into a key element of the Pasta Moon concept as I came to know the local farmers and their quality products; all part of the coastal lifestyle I found so inviting here in Half Moon Bay.

Pasta Moon started out as a passionate concept where I could keep myself busy and enjoy the lifestyle of a small coastal town. Originally Pasta Moon was a place for people to dine on cuisine derived of locally grown organic produce, fish, meats and cheese supplied from local ranchers and dairies. Soon however my love for Italian cuisine compelled an ever-growing compulsion to express my creativity in the kitchen and had me composing variations on classic Italian dishes. Half Moon Bay is the perfect spot for this culinary adventure, I couldn’t resist this unique location that offered my ideal in terms of ingredients, and the peaceful pace of such a lovely rural area nestled on the coast, surrounded by a spectacular beach and nature setting.

Pasta Moon, an innovative footprint of Italian cuisine right here on the Californian coast, 30 years of making house-made pasta, pizzas and desserts, divine according to Michelin! Other main protagonists on the contemporary Pasta Moon Menu which revolves around the farm to table concept: organic produce, the catch of the day, and only the finest cuts of meats and poultry. Our strikingly rustic yet refined ambiance lends a genuine warmth that will linger in your senses.[/tab]

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We got takeout and brought it to the beach to watch the sunset – best decision ever. I think I spent more time admiring my food than the sunset lol.

Got the pappardelle pancetta and tagliatelle Bolognese. The Pappardelle was SO AMAZINGLY GOOD my husband and I were fighting over it lol. Obviously I won because happy wife happy life. Bolognese was solid as well. Came with a side of bread to sop up the delicious sauce.

Kathy K.-Palo Alto


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Kamil Pitonak


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Pasta Moon
845 Main Street
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

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