Coastside Connections is a division of Coastside Media, and we are more than just another full-service marketing agency. We are a group of like-minded creator’s, developers, analyzers, and free-spirited individuals who celebrate the lifestyle uniquely found on the Golden Coast of California. Our vison was founded on the fundamentals of our lifestyle in our DNA. The freedom and pioneering spirt to dream big and encourage a person or brand to find their voice through technology and brilliant ideas. We strive to create an environment that encourages and embraces change. We build teams and communities to make a difference and provide a special place where challenges are looked at as opportunities, to reach positive outcomes in all we create and develop. The West has always been a special place for music, arts, social change, technology, and creativity. All of this happens in a home we call the Coastside. To quote a famous Californian, “Beware the lollipop of mediocrity; lick it once and you’ll suck forever.”-Brian Wilson.

The Coastline is as diverse as the people who call it home.  The spirit of pioneers who settled in the Giant Redwoods and the farmers who stood firm to legalize cannabis (first for medical and now recreational) in Northern California. The vison and development of the architectural iconic span we call the Golden Gate Bridge. The contribution along the coast to the surfing and skateboarding worlds. If you have never seen Mavericks (in Half Moon Bay), you have not lived. The men and women who ride the “giants” leave nothing behind and are a shining example of the boldness found in the people who embody the coastal living in California. Of course, we can’t forget the contribution to the arts and music. The “flower power” generation trippin’ through the world of the Grateful Dead and the echoes of the canyon in So. Cal and the urban contributions from Oakland and L.A. California embraces the fundamental freedom of voice and drive to make a difference in the world and shine the light on diversity and the protection of our environment. The Coastside is loaded with innovation fueled by the natural beauty of the living sea and blue skies which are so prevalent for dreaming Big!

Coastside Media is proud to have the DNA that makes the Coastside Connections so special.